Basque Quantum Science and Technologies Workshop


Geza Giedke (DIPC), Lucas Lamata (UPV/EHU Bilbao), Nacho Pascual (Nanogune)
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Basque Quantum Science and Technologies Workshop



The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers based in the Basque country who are working or are interested in starting to work on quantum science and technology to discover or explore joint interests in this direction and to discuss and evaluate the prospects of some joint effort in view of the recently announced flagship initiative.


Date and Venue:

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
nanoGUNE, Tolosa Hiribidea, 76
E-20018 Donostia - San Sebastián


Program [detailed program]: 

10:00h - 12:00h Plenary Opening Session.
Brief overview talks summarizing the quantum technology related research in each group/institute (Nanogune, UPV/EHU Bilbao: QuInst, CSIC-CFM: Nanophotonics, CSIC-CFM: Mesoscopics, UPV/EHU Bilbao: QUTIS, UPV/EHU Donostia:  Nano-bio Spectroscopy,  UPV/EHU Bilbao: QuInMet, DIPC)
12:15h - 14:30h Plenary Poster Session.
Posters by all participating groups, describing current or planned activities related to quantum science and technology. List of Posters.
13:30h - 14:30h Some food/refreshments served during poster session
15:00h - 17:10h Closing Session.
General discussion on science, organization, industry outreach, and teaching related to quantum technologies.

We welcome participation by all interested scientists. If you have not done so, please send your name, affiliation, and title of contribution to as soon as possible (and before June 6th).

Companies interested in quantum technologies are very welcome to attend. Please contact also Gorka Artola <>, Director of Innovation in the Vicerrectorate of Research at UPV/EHU, who will attend and has organized participation from industry. 

A list of participants can be found here.


  • Geza Giedke (DIPC)
  • Lucas Lamata (UPV/EHU Bilbao)
  • Nacho Pascual (Nanogune)


  Geza Giedke <> IKERBASQUE Research Professor
  Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) Paseo Manuel de  Lardizabal 4
  E-20018 Donostia / San Sebastian
  Tel.: +34 943 018 289