Exotic New States in Superconducting Devices: The Age of the Interface


2017/09/25 - 2017/09/28
Mainz, Germany
Sebastian Bergeret (CSIC/DIPC), Jason Robinson (University of Cambridge) and Kjetil Hals (JGU Mainz)
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Exotic New States in Superconducting Devices: The Age of the Interface

At the interface between a superconductor and a non-superconducting material such as a ferromagnet, a topological insulator or a semiconductor, a range of electronic states can be induced which are radically different from either constituent material. To be able to probe these states requires a broad range of expertise, spanning basic materials science to fundamental physics modeling of interfaces and transport behaviour. At this meeting we have the opportunity to bring together scientists working on distinct and overlapping areas, such as superconductivity, magnetism, topological materials, quantum computing, and spin-electronics. This science community will have an opportunity to appreciate how these different transport phenomena are linked conceptually and thereby stimulate further understanding particularly with respect to realising useful devices with unique properties for spin-electronics and quantum computing.

Sebastian Bergeret (CSIC/DIPC)
Jason Robinson (University of Cambridge)
Kjetil Hals (JGU Mainz)

Invited Speakers:
Jan Aarts (University of Leiden)
Marco Aprili (CNRS-Paris)
Norman Birge (Michigan State University)
Mark Blamire (University of Cambridge)
Silvano De Franceschi (CEA Grenoble)
Matthias Eschrig (Royal Holloway, London)
Mikael Fogelström (Chalmers)
Katharina Franke (Freie Universität Berlin)
Francesco Giazotto (CNR-Pisa)
Sophie Gueron (LPS-Orsay)
Ewelina Hankiewicz (Würzburg Univ.)
Tero Heikkilä (University of Jyväskylä)
Leo Kouwenhoven (Delft)
Yoshi Maeno (University of Kyoto)
Dirk Manske (MPI-Stuttgart)
Julia Meyer (CEA Grenoble)
Oded Millo (University of Jerusalem)
Jagadeesh Moodera (MIT)
Stuart Parkin (MPI, Halle)
Dimitri Roditchev (INSP Paris)
Ilya Tokatly (University of Basque Country)
Javier Villegas (CNRS-Thales)
Felix von Oppen (FU Berlin)


More information is available on the workshop web page: https://www.spice.uni-mainz.de/ens-workshop-2017-home/