Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices (FQMD)


2017/07/12 - 2017/07/14
Miramar Palace, Donostia-San Sebastián
Vitaly Golovach, Naomi Brave, Robert Westervelt and Daniel Loss
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Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices (FQMD)

DIPC organizes jointly with the University of Harvard the international conference Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices (FQMD) which will take place between the 12 and 14 July in the historical place Miramar Palace, in San Sebastian.

The workshop will focus on exciting discoveries in Atomic-scale Electronics, Photonics, and Quantum Information Science. Quantum materials offer dramatically new approaches for electronics and photonics, but their characteristics, and the techniques to make devices and interconnected systems are largely unknown. The Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices workshops address this challenge by bringing together experts in materials growth and characterization, device fabrication and testing, and theoretical modeling. Through interactive talks and discussions, they can develop the science and technology needed to advance the science and move toward applications.

Local Organizing Committee:
Vitaly Golovach
(Ikerbasque, CFM and DIPC) – co-director
Naomi Brave (Harvard University) – co-director
Robert Westervelt (Harvard University)
Daniel Loss (University of Basel)

More information is available on the workshop webpage: