Quantum2021 International Conference (within Imaginenano 2021)


2021/11/23 - 2021/11/25
Organized by: Antonio Correia (Phantoms Foundation), Ricardo Díez Muiño (DIPC), Pablo Ordejón (ICN2), Valerio Pruneri (ICFO), Stephan Roche (ICREA, ICN2), Daniel Sánchez Portal (CFM-CSIC)
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Quantum2021 International Conference (within Imaginenano 2021)

Quantum Science and Technologies have a huge potential to impact established industrial sectors, building new emerging industries and niche segments and creating economic value. The ongoing progress on building quantum computers, together with the push of quantum technologies including secure communication, sensing and quantum simulations are complemented by the vast family of emerging quantum materials (2D materials, topological insulators, Weyl semimetals, twisted (Moiré) van der Waals heterostructures, etc) which offer a revolutionary playground for fundamental science but also already put in perspective novel paradigms and future quantum techs combining ultralow-power with resilient and practical implementation and processing of quantum information.
The 1st edition of the Quantum2021 International Conference (November 23-25, 2021: Bilbao, Spain) aims at gathering the various communities engaged in these fields, to foster the incubation of new ideas and collaborations at the forefront of Quantum science.

More than 30 high profile worldwide most influential academia & industry experts in this sector will present speeches in this international event on how Quantum science will change the future of technology and impact positively our daily life. Among speakers confirmed, Prof. Ignacio Cirac, Prof. David DiVincenzo and Prof. Tommaso Calarco (Chair of the Quantum Flagship).

Quantum2021 will be a three-day in-person event that means to gather the key players of the Quantum Community and related sectors.

More information is available on the workshop webpage: https://www.quantumconf.eu/2021/about.php#about