MoLe Conference 2022


2022/07/25 - 2022/07/29
Tabakalera. Donostia / San Sebastian
Organized by: Aitzol García-Etxarri (DIPC), Antonio García-Martín (CSIC), Cristina Sanz-Fernandez (Multiverse Computing), Edurne Sáenz-Párraga (DIPC), Jorge Olmos-Trigo (DIPC), Luis Froufe-Pérez (Université de Fribourg), Nuno de Sousa (DIPC)
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MoLe Conference 2022

The unexpected demise of Professor Juan José Sáenz, on March 22, 2020, has left his beloved family and friends in shock all over the globe.

Not by chance our friend Juanjo named his research group MoLE, standing for Moving of Light and Electrons, as a funny twist merging his passion for physics, colleagues, friends and family to whom, with no exception, Juanjo was known as Mole.

Following this spirit, MoLE conference 2022 is devoted to honouring his memory the way Mole would have liked: Appreciated colleagues and friends presenting and discussing their most recent advances, in both electronics and photonics. All that in the cosy atmosphere that only the city of Donostia, another Mole’s passion, provides with.

It will be a pleasure for us to meet you once again in Donostia, this time for our beloved friend, mentor and admired human being and Scientist

More information is available on the workshop web page: