Nanophotonics of 2D Materials (N2D2023)


2023/06/19 - 2023/06/22
Miramar Palace, Donostia / San Sebastián
Organized by: Alexey Nikitin (DIPC, Ikerbasque, Spain), Tony Low (U. Minnesota, US), Luis Martín-Moreno (INMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza, Spain)
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Nanophotonics of 2D Materials (N2D2023)

Over the past decade, there is a growing research activity on light-matter interactions in atomically thin materials, such as graphene, topological insulators, thin polar and semiconducting layers and other van der Waals materials, including their heterostructures. Nanophotonics of 2D materials (N2D) aims at the exploration of their optical phenomena and in providing a setting where researchers from diverse fields can convene; classical and quantum optics; excitons, phonons and plasmons; far-field and near field spectroscopies; many body optical physics; topological photonics; among many others. Through these interactions, N2D seeks to provide a setting where unifying concepts can form, new ideas inspired, and new frontiers in theoretical and experimental research on 2D materials nanophotonics can emerge.

More information is available on the workshop web page: