Topological Photonics 2023


2023/05/31 - 2023/06/02
Central Campus of CSIC, Madrid
Organized by: Paloma A. Huidobro (IFIMAC-UAM), Alejandro González Tudela (Instituto de Física Fundamental-CSIC), Diego Porras (Instituto de Física Fundamental-CSIC), Alberto Amo (Laboratoire PhLAM CNRS – Université de Lille), Aitzol García-Etxarri (Donostia International Physics Center)
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Topological Photonics 2023

The TopoPhoto23 workshop is aimed at gathering a critical mass of people working in the vibrant area of Topological Photonics as well as topology in other wave and quantum phenomena. It continues the series of workshops “Topology meets quantum optics 2021 (online)” and “Topological Photonics 2022 (San Sebastian, Spain). The 2023 meeting will bring together scientists exploring topics such as topological photonic crystals, topological metamaterials, non-Hermitian topology, topological light-matter interfaces, directional amplifiers, topological protection of non-classical states of light, as well as topological effects in other classical non-classical systems.

More information is available on the workshop web page: