BNC Tubes STREP Meeting


2009/10/05 - 2009/10/06
DIPC, San Sebastián
Sampsa Riikonen
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BNC Tubes STREP Meeting

Programme BNC Tubes STREP Meeting

San Sebastian (Spain), 5-6. October 2009

Monday, 5. October
9:30-10:00 Coffee, tea, informal discussions
10:00-10:10 Welcome and Introductory Remarks
  Sampsa Riikonen (TKK)
10:10-10:30 Executive Summary
  Esko Kauppinen (TKK)
Morning Theoretical Studies on BNC Nanotubes and Their Synthesis
10:30-10:50 "BN bond Stabilization on Iron and Magnesium" / WP3: Modelling
  Sampsa Riikonen (TKK)

"CN, CC and NN association reactions on a small nanosized cluster" / WP3: Modelling

  Giorgio Lanzani (UOULU)

"STM and Electronic Transport Fingerprints of B- and N-Doped Nanotubes "/ WP2: Characterization, WP3: Modelling

  Luc Henrard (FUNDP)
11:30-12:30 Discussions
12:30-13:00 Transit to lunch
13:00-14.00 Lunch (Restaurant "Lukas")
Evening Synthesis of BNC Nanotubes

"Sorting by density gradient ultracentrifugation of nanotubes" / WP1: Synthesis, WP2: Characterization

  Romain Fleurier (CNRS/ONERA)

"Measure od the electronic structure of SWNTs by STM" / WP1: Synthesis, WP2:

  Jérôme Lagoute (CNRS/ONERA)

"Mechanistic Investigations of Single-Walled CNT Growth" / WP1: Synthesis, WP4: Demonstration of Applications

  Albert Nasibulin (TKK)

"N-doped SWCNT tube synthesis" / WP1: Synthesis, WP4: Demonstration of Applications

  Toma Susi (TKK)
15:50-16:10 "Synthesis of MWNT Doped with Nitrogen by FB-CVD"
  Julien Beausoleil (Arkema)
16:10-17:00 Coffee Break, Discussions, Posters
Late evening Characterization of BNC Nanotubes

"Optical and low-field electron emission applications of nanotubes" / WP2: Characterization, WP4: Demonstration of Applications

  Elena Obratsova (NSC/GPI)

"Separation on metallic and semiconducting fractions and characterization of single-wall carbon nanotubes" / WP2: Characterization, WP4: Demonstration of Applications

  Alexander Chernov (NSC/GPI)

"BNC tubes: synthesis and applications" / WP2: Characterization, WP4: Demonstration of Applications

  Antal koos (UOXF)
18:00-18:30 Discussions
21:00 Dinner (Restaurant "La Perla")
Tuesday, 6. October
Morning Discussions and Outlook
10:30-11:00 Coffee, tea, informal discussions

Round Table: project status, future directions, convergence towards deliverables, etc.

  Chair: Esko Kauppinen (TKK)
12:00-12:30 Remarks by the project technical adviser
  Sergei Semouchine (EU Commission)
12:30-12:40 Concluding Remarks
  Sampsa Riikonen (TKK)
12:40-13:00 Transit to lunch
13:00-14:00 Lunch (Restaurant "Lukas")
14:00-15:00 Visit to NANOGUNE nanoscience research center (to be confirmed)

List of Participants
Esko Kauppinen TKK (Helsinki, Finland)
Toma Susi TKK (Helsinki, Finland)
Adam Foster TKK (Helsinki, Finland)
Sampsa Riikonen TKK (Helsinki, Finland)
Albert Nasibulin TKK (Helsinki, Finland)
Giorgio Lanzani UOULU (Oulu, Finland)
Antal Koos UOXF (Oxford, UK)
Luc Henrard FUNDP (Namur, Belgium)
Bing Zheng FUNDP (Namur, Belgium)
Raul Arenal CNRS/ONERA (Paris, France)
Jérôme Lagoute CNRS/ONERA (Paris, France)
Romain Fleurier CNRS/ONERA (Paris, France)
Elena Obratsova NSC/GPI (Moscow, Russia)
Alexander Chernov NSC/GPI (Moscow, Russia)
Julien Beausoleil Arkema (industrial partner)
Sergei Semouchine EU Commission (project technical adviser)

For any questions about transport, the meeting venue or lodging, please visit the web-page