Workshop on Graphene


2011/08/29 - 2011/09/02
Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastián
Dr. Dan H. Huang (AFRL) and Professor Godfrey Gumbs (Hunter College)
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Workshop on Graphene

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Link to a recent article in The New York Times about San Sebastian


To attend Workshop contact:

Dr. Dan H. Huang (AFRL)

Professor Godfrey Gumbs (Hunter College)

Confirmed invited speakers

Phaedon Avouris (IBM, USA)
Oleg Berman (CUNY, USA)
Luis Brey (ICMM, Spain)
Herb Fertig (Indiana, USA)
Francisco Guinea (ICMM, Spain)
Yen-Hung Ho (NCKU, Taiwan)
Philip Kim (Columbia Univeristy, USA)
Leonid Levitov (MIT, USA)
Yurii Lozovik (Russina Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Oleksiy Roslyak (Hunter Collegue/CUNY, USA)
Vyacheslav Silkin (DIPC, Spain)
Charles Smith (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK)

Organizing Committee

Godfrey Gumbs
Yonatan Abraynos
Andres Ayuela
Francisco Guinea
Paula Fekete

Organized by

Early registration fee 150 Euros (by July 15, 2011). This includes the banquet dinner, a trip to a nearby Basque attraction and coffee. After July 15, 2011, registration fee becomes 200 Euros.

Registration Fee: Method of Payment

Make Bank Transfer to:

Fundación DIPC
50 2101 0381 0100 10804649
Bic (swift): CGGKES22

Please clearly state your full name and the words “Workshop on Graphene” in your bank transfer

Please do not forget to indicate the name of the participant, and to send a copy of the bank transfer form to the fax number: +34 943 015600.

Cost of Money Order/Transference: Participants are responsible for any bank fees relating to the transfer.

Please make sure that the Passport number or VAT number provided correspond to the person/institution that actually makes the fee payment. A receipt including this information will be issued by DIPC.


Send Abstracts

Both oral and poster contributions are included in the program. Therefore, participants are invited to present recent research work. Oral contributions will be selected by the Organizing Committee among the submitted abstracts.

The deadline for abstract submission is July 15th 2011. Abstracts should be submitted online following the steps listed below. Abstracts must include title, authors, affiliation, and a description of the work to be presented.The page limit is one.

If you want to present a talk or poster please send an abstract to Dr Huang


Program and Abstract Book

A tentative schedule of the lectures will be posted as soon as posible probably weeks before the workshop.

Download the Program and Abstract Book

Link to a recent article in The New York Times about San Sebastian.