Passion for Interfaces


2010/09/28 - 2010/09/30
Donostia - San Sebastian
Maite Alducin
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Passion for Interfaces

Unraveling fundamental aspects of the scattering and reactivity of atoms and molecules at interfaces, electronic properties of thin films and adsorbates, self-assembling and surface functionalization.

Keynote Lecturer 

     • F. Flores (UAM, Madrid, Spain)

Invited Speakers 

    • E. Artacho (University of Cambridge, UK)
    • H.F. Busnengo (Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina)
    • P. Gambardella (CIN2, Barcelona, Spain)
    • F. Himpsel (University of Wisconsin Madison, USA)
    • M. Kawai (RIKEN, Wako, Japan)
    • A. Kleyn (FOM Institute, Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
    • G.-J. Kroes (Leiden University, Netherlands)
    • N. Lorente (CIN2, Barcelona, Spain)
    • R. Miranda (UAM, Madrid, Spain)
    • K. Morgenstern (Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany)
    • J. I. Pascual (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
    • K. Reuter (TU München, Germany)
    • C. Rogero (CFM, San Sebastián, Spain)
    • M. Salmeron (LBNL, Berkeley, USA)
    • D. Sánchez-Portal (CFM, San Sebastián, Spain)


    • Ricardo Diez Muiño, Head
    • Maite Alducin, Passion for Interfaces

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