JCNS Panel Meeting


2010/11/29 - 2010/11/30
Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastián
Arantxa Arbe
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JCNS Panel Meeting

The DIPC hosted the meeting of the JCNS Panel for proposals selection. After the permanent shut down of the research reactor FRJ-2 in Jülich, the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS, http://www.jcns.info) has been founded. It encompasses the in-house research of the Institut für Festkörperforschung Jülich with neutrons, the instrument and method development and the instrument operation and user programs at the FRM-II reactor in Munich, the SNS Spallation Source in Oak Ridge and the ILL high-flux reactor in Grenoble. Twice a year, a committee of external experts in neutron scattering selects the best proposals from those submitted from allover the world to grant beamtime in the different instruments. In the November meeting celebrated at the DIPC 134 proposals were discussed. The Panel consists of a Chairperson (A. Arbe, CFM, San Sebastián) and 10 members (Stephan Förster, Bernhard Frick, Kim Lefmann, Roland May, Julian Oberdisse, Frederic Ott, Christian Pfleiderer, Walter Richtering, Henrik Rønnow, Kristiaan Temst, and Regine Willumeit). In addition, two representative persons from JCNS (Alexander Ioffe and Thomas Gutberlet) attended the meeting to inform the Panel about the state of the art and future development of the instruments.