BRW - 30th Brandt Ritchie Workshop


2013/10/01 - 2013/10/04
CFM, Material Physics Center, Donostia - San Sebastián
DIPC and Euskampus
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BRW - 30th Brandt Ritchie Workshop

The program of the event Passion for Knowledge - Quantum 13 also includes an international scientific workshop focused on a topic of interest for the local community of researchers: the 30th Brandt Ritchie Workshop (BRW).

This edition will homage Rufus Ritchie, an outstanding physicist, who has realized seminal contributions to the fields of atomic physics and interaction of atoms with matter. Prof. Rufus Ritchie is as well Honoris Causa from the University of the Basque Country.

The BRW workshop will take place from Tuesday, October 1st to Friday, October 4th at the Material Physics Center in the University of the Basque Country Ibaeta Campus (Donostia-San Sebastián).

The BRW sessions will take place during the morning, while those of Passion for Knowledge - Quantum 13 are in the afternoon. In this way, all participants can attend both events.

Following the spirit of previous Brandt Ritchie Workshops, participants are expected to present recent results, not necessarily published, of their research activity. The topics within the BRW workshop will cover various fields of condensed matter physics or material science:

  • Particle-solid interactions with special attention to charge exchange, energy loss and related phenomena.
  • Collective excitations in low-dimensional systems.
  • Induced excitation of surface and bulk plasmon states.
  • Dynamic charge states in ion-solid interactions.
  • Electron dynamics in nanostructures.
  • Photonic and transport properties of materials.
  • Radiation interaction with organic and inorganic nano-materials.
  • and related processes at surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures ...

Most participants are expected to present a 20 minute oral contribution, including discussion, in any of the morning sessions. Depending on the number of contributions one poster session might be organized.

Important dates to remember are:

  Deadline for registration: 31th May 2013  
  Extended deadline for registration:           -  
  Deadline for abstract submission: 31th July 2013  

The BRW fee is 200 euros (VAT included) and covers a book of abstracts, coffee breaks, conference dinner and free attendance to the Passion for Knowledge - Quantum 13 public lectures.

Chairmen: Andres Arnau and Pedro Miguel Echenique