Discussions on Nano and Mesoscopic Optics (DINAMO 2023)


2023/06/11 - 2023/06/16
Svolvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Organized by: John de Mello (NTNU), Stefan Maier (Monash University), Andrea Bragas (UBA), in honor of Juan José Saenz (DIPC)
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Discussions on Nano and Mesoscopic Optics (DINAMO 2023)

DINAMO 2023 is the fourth edition of "Discussions on Nano and Mesoscopic Optics". At this inspiring international meeting, scientists are invited to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere recent advances in understanding the interaction of light with nano and microscale systems. The meeting will have a strong emphasis on encouraging interactions between senior and early stage scientists, with technical and social activities all day long, from breakfast until after dinner.
Nano and mesoscale optics is a multidisciplinary field that spans many different disciplines. DINAMO aims to promote interactions between researchers from diverse backgrounds to give new solutions to complex problems. DINAMO will explore the different circumstances in which nano and mesoscale optics occur, e.g., biological systems (proteins and DNA), soft materials (colloids and polymers), fabricated mechanical nanostructures (nano-antennas, motors, ratchets, and scaffolding), and, more generally, it will explore light emission and propagation through complex and diffusive media.
DINAMO will embrace all branches of nano and mesoscopic optics, including plasmonics, optical manipulation, cavity optics, nanophononics, optical fields in random media, single molecule spectroscopy, non-linear nano-optics, nano-holography, optical nano-antennas, optomechanics, and biophotonics, from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints.

More information is available on the workshop web page: https://www.ntnu.edu/nano/dinamo-2023