Photonic and Electronic Materials


2004/06/14 - 2004/06/18
Donostia - San Sebastián
Prof. R. Balda, Prof. J. Fernández y Prof. P. N. Prasad
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Photonic and Electronic Materials

n the last years a wide variety of research activities linked with the interaction between light and matter have developed important applications in fields such as telecommunications, information technology, medical diagnostics and treatment, environment control etc. Among all the applications for the foreseeable future, those based on the non linear optical properties of matter are specially promising. Moreover, science and technology breakthroughs in the 21st Century are more likely to occur at the interface of disciplines. Recently much interest has been focused on Biophotonics defined as the interface of photonics and biological sciences. It is a new frontier, offering tremendous prospects for optical diagnostics as well as light activated therapy, surgery, biosensing, and restoration of biological functions. The demand for suitable materials (optical storage systems, systems with artificial non linearities, multipolar structures, new waveguides, photonic bandgaps, rare earth activated nano crystals, activated fibers...) and new techniques for detection in these fields are continuously growing.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather researchers from crossed fields and horizons (universities, laboratories and industries), to provide a much needed forum for the critical assessment and evaluation of recent developments in photonic materials (inorganic, organic, polymeric, biological, ..) and molecular devices. It would also give to the participants an insight on future advances and research possibilities in these fields and an opportunity for starting fruitful collaborations.

List of speakers:

J.L. Adam (Rennes)
D. Levy (Madrid)
R. Almeida (Lisboa)
C. López (Madrid)
F. Auzel (Paris)
J. Martorell (Terrassa)
N. Barnes (Hampton)
F. Meseguer (Valencia)
G. Boulon (Lyon)
V. Orera (Zaragoza)
B. Di Bartolo (Bodton)
P.N. Prasad (Buffalo)
D. Evans (WPAFB, Ohio)
G. Righini (Florencia)
P. Fleitz (Dayton)
J. Ripoll (Heraklion)
F.J. García de Abajo (Donostia)
L. Serrano (Zaragoza)
H.U. Güdel (Berna)
G.M. Turner (Harvard)
P. Günter (Zürich)
K. Ueda (Tokio)
S. John (Toronto University)
L. Viña (Madrid)
T. Kaino (Tohoku University)
D. Vivien (Paris)
I. Ledoux (Paris)
W.M. Yen (Athens)