Workshop on ultrafast phenomena at surfaces


2002/07/01 - 2002/07/05
Donostia - San Sebastián
Prof. P. M. Echenique y Prof. A. Rubio
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Workshop on ultrafast phenomena at surfaces

Scope of the Workshop:

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers with backgrounds in theory and experiments in order to assess the present state of our understanding of ultrafast phenomena and atomic control at interfaces in condensed matter, surface science, chemistry, and biology. The idea is to contrast both theoretical and experimental studies to gain insight and establish new links and future collaborations.

This workshop will be of special interest to researchers conducting theoretical or experimental studies on electron/ion dynamics in

  • surfaces
  • catalysis
  • molecular electronics
  • semicondutors
  • biophysics......

Preeliminar Programm

Saturday 29th June, Arrival at San Sebastian/Donostia, Costa Vasca Hotel
Sunday 30th June, Guided Visit of the Guggenhein Musseum (Departure of the Bus from the Costa Vasca Hotel after lunch)

Monday 1st July,

9.00- 9.40 : Registration
9.45-10.00 : Opening session: Prof. P.M. Echenique
Chairperson: Th. Fauster
10.00-10.45 : Scanning tunneling microscopy as local probe of electron density and dynamics
Prof. Klaus Kern
10.45-11.15 : Coffee Break
11.15-12.00 : Probing Electron Dynamics with STM
Prof. Richard Berndt
12.00-12.45 : The scanning tunneling microscope as operative tool: Physics and chemistry with single atoms and molecules"
Prof. Karl-Heinz Rieder
13.00-16.00 : Lunch
Chairperson: R. Berndt
16.00-16.45 : The core level clock in free molecules and in adsorbates
Dr. Zbigniew W. Gortel
16.45-17.30 : Ultrafast charge transfer processes at adsorbates investigated using the core level clock
Prof. Wilfried Wurth
17-30-18.00 : Coffee Break
18.00-18.45 : Selective bond breaking in adsorbates by core excitations
Prof. Dietrich Menzel
18.45-19.30: Femtosecond Processes in Primary Photosynthesis: Reactions Optimized for Highest Efficiency
Prof. Wolfgang Zinth
20.30: Dinner

Tuesday 2nd July

Chairperson: U. Hoefer
9.30-10.15 : Ultrafast control of bond breaking in photodesorption from oxide surfaces
Prof. Hajo Freund (CANCELLED)
Electron-induced manipulation of water on surfaces: From hexamer formation to dissociation
Dr. Karina Morgenstern
10.15-11.00 : Surface knowledge from ultra-high vacuum to technically-relevant conditions: the example of catalytic CO oxidation
Dr. Karsten Reuter
11.00-11.30: Coffee Break
11.30-12.15 : Laser induced charge - transfer processes at adsorbate/metal interfaces
Prof. Angel González Ureña
12.15-13.00 : Femtochemistry and ultrafast electron dynamics at adsorbate/metal interfaces
Prof. Martin Wolf
13.00-16.00 : Lunch
Chairperson: S. Hufner
16.00-16.45 : Surface dynamics studied with femtosecond vibrational spectroscopy
Dr. Mischa Bonn
16.45-17.30 : Photoinduced processes at nanoparticulate systems
Prof. Katharina Al-Shamery
17.30-18.00 : Coffee Break
18.00-19.00 : Poster session
20.30: Dinner

Wednesday 3rd July

Chairperson: M. Wolf
9.30-10.15 : Atomic-scale control of electronic and dynamical processes on semiconductor and insulator surfaces
Dr. Gerard Dujardin
10.15-11.00 : Inelastic mean free path for electrons : Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy
Prof. Fernando Flores
11.00-11.30: Coffee Break
11.30-12.15 : Scanning tunneling spectroscopy and microscopy of ultrathin dielectric films
Prof. Wolf-Dieter Schneider
12.15-13.00 : Five-wave mixing investigation of electron dynamics at silicon surfaces
Prof. Ulrich Höfer
13.00-16.00 : Lunch
Chairperson: W.D. Schneider
16.00-16.45 : Ultrafast transport phenomena in metal-insulator-metal contacts
Dr. Walter Pfeiffer
16.45-17.30 : Ultrafast relaxation of electrons in metals in space, time, frequency domains
Prof. Hrvoje Petek
17.30-18.00 : Coffee Break
18.00-18.45: Combining femtosecond lasers with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Prof. Tony Heinz
18.45-19.30 : Fs spectroscopy at the planned BESSY SASE FEL
Prof. Wolfgang Eberhardt (CANCELLED)
Optical Properties of nanostructures: a first-principle approach
Alberto Castro
19.30- : Roundtable discussion on the new FP6 program of the EC (Chair: Angel Rubio)
21.00- CONFERENCE DINNER: at the Kursaal Restaurant

Thursday 4th July

Chairperson: W. Zinth
9.30-10.15 : Femtosecond dynamics of electrons at surfaces
Dr. Martin Weinelt (Prof. Thomas Fauster)
10.15-11.00 : Effects of adsorbates on image states at metal surfaces
Prof. Jean-Pierre Gauyacq
11.00-11.30: Coffee Break
11.30-12.15 : Probing nanomagnetism on the femtosecond time scale
Dr. Hermann Dürr
12.15-13.00 : Surface state width on noble metal (111) surfaces
Prof. Stefan Hufner
13.00-16.00 : Lunch
Chairperson: T. Heinz
16.45-17.30 : Theory of single molecule vibrational spectroscopy and microscopy
Prof. Mats Persson
17.15-18.00 : Towards theoretical understanding of nanoscale materials functioning and biomolecular processing
Prof. Thomas Frauenheim
18.00-18.30: Coffee Break
18.30-19.15: Momentum Resolved Electron and Phonon Contribution to the Quasiparticle Decay at Metal Surfaces
Prof. Eugene Chulkov
19.15-20.00 Electron phonon contribution to the lifetime of surface states
Asier Eiguren
20.00- : Closing remarks
21.00- Dinner

Friday 5th July: