Nano-optics, Nano-photonics and Nano-plasmonics

Theoretical study of light and matter interaction at the nanoscale and the optical response of advanced nanostructured materials

N3 Nano-Optics

This research line deals with the theoretical study of the interaction between light and matter at the nanoscale and in mesoscopic systems, including as targets low-dimensional systems, nanostructures and disordered systems.

Specific topics

  • Complex dynamics of nanoparticles under non-conservative optical forces.
  • Topological photonics in low-dimensional systems.
  • Photonic properties of graphene and novel van der Waals materials.
  • Theoretical quantum and classical methods for plasmon-molecule systems.
  • Quantum and classical properties of plasmonic nanoantennas for field enhanced spectroscopy, microscopy, and other applications.

Related publications

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