Albert Einstein

Texts by Dr. Antonio Moreno González


The Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) Foundation, in this World Year of Physics, has signed up to the commemoration events for the Albert Einstein Annus Mirabilis Centenary. This year is the centenary of an amazing year for science universally: 1905; a year when an unknown employee in a government patents' office in Bern published five works that were to change the course of physics, of science and of humanity. The commemoration of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis underlines the importance of science as a driving force for knowledge and a catalyst for technological and socio-economic development.

The figure of Einstein represents, moreover, an excellent example for new generations. His creativity and intuition guided him in his dream to understand the Universe in a different way. We have drawn up this biographical page with the aim of providing information about the Einstein beyond the myth and with the hope that it well serve as a reference for creativity and genius. Apart from consulting directly on this page, the complete texts, drawn up by Dr. Antonio Moreno, may be downloaded in PDF format for reference.