Ekaitz Perfektua / The Perfect Storm (Wolfgang Petersen, 2000)

Cinema and Science Series

Invited Scientists
Onintze Salazar
Euskalmet, Tecnalia
Artium Museoa, Vitoria-Gasteiz
DIPC, Basque Film Archive, San Sebastian International Film Festival
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Ekaitz Perfektua / The Perfect Storm (Wolfgang Petersen, 2000)
Still from the film.

On Halloween of 1991, humans and vessels are confronted by three raging weather fronts which unexpectedly collide to produce the greatest, fiercest storm in modern history – “The Perfect Storm”.

First Onintze Salazar will give a brief presentation and after the screening there will be a question and answer session.

(Version: English, Subtitles: Basque, Presentation: Basque)


About the speaker

Onintze Salazar.jpg

Onintze Salazar has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (UB), specialized in Meteorology. Master in Environmental Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and Master in Scientific Culture from the University of the Basque Country and the University of Navarra (UPN). She has directed the ETB news program "Eguraldia". Currently, she works at Tecnalia and in recent years she has been focused on meteorological communication and dissemination. She disseminates the meteorological information generated in Euskalmet through different channels such as radio, written and digital press, television and social networks. She is advisor on meteorology and scientific communication in the Directorate of Emergency Care and Meteorology of the Basque Government. She collaborates in science and technology programs such as "La Mecánica del Caracol" of Radio Euskadi or "Norteko Ferrokarrila" of Euskadi Irratia. She also writes science communication articles and participates in forums aimed at the general public, giving talks, etc.