Mars Express (Jérémie Périn, 2023)

Cinema and Science Series

Invited Scientists
Amaia Bernaras
Euskadiko Parke Teknologikoa
Artium Museoa, Vitoria-Gasteiz
DIPC, Basque Film Archive, San Sebastian International Film Festival,
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Mars Express (Jérémie Périn, 2023)
Still from the film.

In 2200, private detective Aline Ruby and her android partner Carlos Rivera are hired by a wealthy businessman to track down a notorious hacker. On Mars, they descend deep into the underbelly of the planet’s capital city where they uncover a darker story of brain farms, corruption, and a missing girl who holds a secret about the robots that threatens to change the face of the universe.

First Amaia Bernaras will give a brief presentation and after the screening there will be a question and answer session.

(Version: French, Subtitles: Basque, Presentation: Basque)


About the speaker

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Amaia Bernaras Iturrioz is manager of the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa. She has more than 30 years of experience in the area of Technological Innovation. She has worked on the design, implementation and evaluation of Science and Technology frameworks and strategies. She has held research and teaching positions at the University of Edinburgh (UK), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), University of Sydney, University of Mondragon and TECNALIA-LABEIN. She has been a senior consultant at IDOM Consulting for thirteen years and previously responsible for R&D and ICT at the San Sebastian Technology Park for six years. She is evaluator for the European Commission in different Research Framework Programmes, she has also evaluated bilateral Science and Technology agreements of the European Union with Brazil and Chile and she has developed the report "Informe País 2015" of Mexico for Research and Innovation Observatory of the European Commission. She has publications in books, journals and international congresses.