Angle resolved photoemission in 2D materials


Type of Project: Theory

Location: Donostia

Santiago Blanco

Van der Waals 2D materials possess extraordinary mechanical properties, such as large anisotropic compressibility and Young’s modulus, providing a powerful knob for both exploring novel quantum states and developing new device functionalities based on strain engineering. Recent progress in 2D materials allowed to synthesized bulk heterostructures with different stacking sequences of monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), suitable for practical applications in spintronics and quantum computation [1].

In this internship, the student will carry out angle resolved photoemission experiments in synchrotron research facilities of novel 2D materials. He/she will have the opportunity to learn about the electronic structure of novel phases of 2D TMDs, the emergence of new quantum phases and their modelling with density functional theory simulations.

[1] A.K. Nayak, et al Nature Physics, 17, 1413 (2021)