The internships are intended as part of the university studies of the applicant. For that reason, eligible candidates are bachelor and master students enrolled at a University program. The student has to be informed from his/her University if he/she meets all the requirements to perform a summer internship (curricular or extracurricular).

An agreement will be formalized between DIPC and student's University, after the student has been selected.

Due to administrative reasons, students registered in a university outside the European Union or the European single market will be considered only under exceptional circumstances.

The internships last 2 months during summer. The exact date of the internships will be agreed between the student and the supervisor.

All projects will be performed face-to-face, 7h/day from Monday to Friday.

A stipendium of 750 €/month before taxes is offered.

Accommodation and travel expenses are not offered.

The students are expected to perform 10-15 min presentation of their research work during or after the internships.

If the internship is satisfactory for both parts, there are opportunities for the student to join the DIPC or one of its associate centers after finishing the university degree, as a master or PhD student.