Investigation of semi-Dirac point in three-dimensional materials


Type of Project: Theory Project

Location: Donostia

Dario Bercioux

Mesoscopic Electrons and Photons Systems Group

In three-dimensional systems, a semi-Dirac point is characterized by an energy spectrum dispersing linearly in a two-dimensional plane and quadratically along the perpendicular direction. Semi-Dirac points have been predicted to exist in transition metal oxides. Systems hosting semi-Dirac points can present exotic magnetotransport properties.

In this project, we will study a minimal model for describing the physics of semi-Dirac points in three-dimensional systems. Specifically, we will investigate this model's spectral and topological properties with and without the action on an external magnetic field. We aim to use these results to understand the magnetotransport response of this system.

The candidate should ideally have a good knowledge of condensed-matter physics and some experience with Python/Mathematica programming.