Nanophotonics of 2D Materials


Type of Project: Theoretical Project

Location: Donostia

Alexey Nikitin

2D Nanophotonics Group

The project focused on light-matter interaction taking place in 2D materials. The latter show a very strong response to electromagnetic fields and are thus suitable for the manipulation of light on the nanoscale, down to the atomic scale. The studies in this direction have demonstrating spectacular physical phenomena, such as “hyperbolic” light, or reconfigurable (“printable”) 2D nanofocusing and superlensing. Apart of that, 2D materials are considered as very promising candidates for their use in many exciting optoelectronic applications: (bio)sensing, photodetection or optical data processing, among others. Nanophotonics of 2D materials remains essentially unexplored, and some basic concepts of the light-matter interaction should be studied and understood.

We invite talented and highly-motivated candidates with a background in physics to be absorbed in an interesting scientific research based on the theoretical study of the optical effects appearing in atomically-thick layers. A close contact with various experimental groups (e.g. in U. Oviedo or CIC Nanogune) will allow the candidate to touch the very frontiers of science.