Diagnosis and Equality Plan

In recent times, DIPC has undertaken an internal reflection process to detect the existing needs that guarantee effective equality between women and men in our center. As a result of this process, in September 2020 DIPC launched its First Equality Plan.

The plan collects the results of an internal process carried out over two years. With that aim, the external advisory service provided by Elhuyar has been used and DIPC´s Equality Committee has been created.

As first step, a diagnosis on gender equality was carried out using different data collection methods: institutional documents and policies analysis, collection of quantitative data disaggregated by sex, design and conduct of an internal survey to all staff to know their perception on equality between women and men, in-depth interviews with different collectives, and finally, a workshop with the equality committee to collect their contributions. The following report includes such analysis and the main conclusions:

Based on the results and conclusions obtained, the Equality Plan has been designed and will be implemented during 2020-2024. The plan is structured in four strategic areas that represent the main challenges identified during the diagnosis process: organizational culture, a diverse workforce, sexual harassment at the working environment and work-life balance. A total of 35 actions divided in different areas will be implemented under the supervision of DIPC´s Equality Committee.