Protocol against Harassment

In 2021, DIPC launched its first protocol against sexual and gender-based harassment, based on sexual or gender diversity, through its equality committee and with the help of external specialized advice:

Such protocol is established to guarantee and maintain a dignified work environment for all DIPC workers, free of general violence, and violence against women and other non-regulatory groups in particular.

With that objective in mind, it articulates a series of measures and guidelines to prevent and resolve possible situations of sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, or based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, in any form or circumstances, that may occur both outside and within the physical space of DIPC, as well as those that could take place through virtual or symbolic means of communication.

The body in charge of applying this protocol will be the Confidential Advisory, responsible for receiving complaints or reports and their processing. All inquiries or complaints that are processed will be protected by the principle of confidentiality.

If you have suffered this kind of violence in the workplace, do not hesitate, get in touch.

Confidential Advisory:

Beatriz Suescun (; 943 01 82 29)
Amaia Arregi (
Silvia Bonoli (