Linked sites

DIPC make technical link devices (such as press buttons, links and banners) available to the USER via the WEBSITE. These links may take the USER to other websites or Internet portals which are the property of and/or managed by third parties and which DIPC have no control over (hereafter, “LINKED WEBSITES”).

The USER should take into account that when using these links and accessing the LINKED WEBSITES from the WEBSITE, the TERMS &  CONDITIONS OF USE herein will no longer be applicable.

DIPC have no knowledge or control whatsoever over the contents and services included in the LINKED WEBSITES and including access thereto through the WEBSITE shall not in any event imply: (i) that DIPC recommend or approve the contents and services hosted in the LINKED WEBSITES; and/or (ii) that there is any type of relationship, co- operation or dependency between DIPC, and the LINKED WEBSITE manager.

As a result, DIPC shall not assume any liability related to the LINKED WEBSITES and therefore are not liable for the operation, contents and services hosted therein, or of any links contained in those LINKED WEBSITES.

In the event of the USER having effective knowledge of the unlawfulness or unsuitability of contents, services or any other activities carried out through a LINKED WEBSITE, the USER shall immediately inform DIPC, so they can implement any measures considered appropriate, where applicable.


Including hypertext links (hyperlinks) in other websites or web pages is authorised as long as they are directed to the homepage, or in any event, to any other internal page (deep link) of the WEBSITE and the corresponding pages are displayed in a full window under their corresponding URLs, and undertaking full liability and risk which may be derived from the inclusion of a hyperlink on the WEBSITE.

The website or web page hosting the hyperlink may not in any way claim the hyperlink is authorized by DIPC unless express written authorization from DIPC has been obtained.

If the third party entering the hyperlink on its website or web page wishes to include a brand, trade mark, sign, logo or any other identification component belonging to DIPC and/or related to the WEBSITE, prior express written authorization from DIPC must be obtained.

Notwithstanding all the foregoing, featuring a website page in another website window which does not belong to DIPC through the technique known as framing is expressly forbidden, unless express consent from DIPC has been obtained.

Moreover, featuring any type of content disseminated through on a website or web page other than the WEBSITE using the line linking technique is expressly forbidden, unless express consent from DIPC has been obtained.

Establishing a hyperlink according to the abovementioned conditions shall not in any event imply there is a relationship between CDIPC and the owner and/or manager of the website or web page where such a hyperlink was established, or the acceptance or approval by DIPC of its contents and/or services.

In any event, DIPC reserve the right to forbid or render useless any hyperlink to the WEBSITE at any time and in particular if unlawful activity and/or contents are suspected on the website or web page where the link was included.