Dissemination lectures for the general public

Kutxa Fundazioa and the DIPC have been organising a programme of dissemination lectures for the general public for many years. In 2019, this collaboration led to ZientziaKutxa, a monthly programme combining local and external speakers, in Basque and Spanish, and ensuring a gender balance in terms of the scientists who take part as speakers.

Zientziakutxa aims to share knowledge and fascination for some of the most important scientific topics of the moment: humanoid robotics, climate change at the poles, the origin of life, brain plasticity and superconductivity are just some of them. The talks take place in the Ruiz Balerdi Hall of Kutxa Kultur in Tabakalera and in Eureka! Zientzia Museoa.

In 2020, the second edition was adapted to a virtual format to continue transmitting science throughout the pandemic. In 2021, we returned to face-to-face sessions under the slogan "The traveller gene", a cycle that revolved around scientific topics that inspire us to travel beyond our physical and mental confines. The programme paid tribute to our most adventurous scientists, and brought together traveller-explorer speakers who look at the world through new eyes, with a new scientific outlook.

See the programme of past editions: