STROM - Inclusive Astronomy

STROM technical dossier (in Spanish)

Multi-sensory, inclusive and traveling exhibition created by DIPC for Passion for Knowledge festival
STROM - Inclusive Astronomy

‘STROM - Inclusive Astronomy' is an invitation to explore the Universe through a multisensory and inclusive journey, where everyone can learn from basic concepts of astronomy to the frontier research in the field of astrophysics. Through tactile materials, sounds and audiovisual experiences, STROM's surprising journey through the Universe invite us to feel the surface of a galaxies with the fingertips, witness the birth of a black hole or listen to the sounds of the Sun.

One of the main goals of this exhibition is accessibility, understood as the elimination of barriers for people with functional diversity. The inclusive materials of this exhibition have been created in collaboration with institutions and professionals that have a vast experience working with persons with disabilities.

'STROM - Inclusive Astronomy' has been produced by the DIPC for the Passion for Knowledge festival, with the aim of becoming a traveling exhibition that brings science and knowledge to citizens everywhere, in line with the mission of Passion for Knowledge festival.